A regular maintenance regime carried out through the seasons creates a strong, healthy lawn that looks good all year long. Lawns have different needs depending on the lawn type, where it’s grown – local climatic conditions and temperatures − and how it’s being used.

For some gardeners a well-kept lawn that vies for the title of best lawn in the street is the goal throughout the year and autumn is no exception. For others the lawn is just a place where kids and pets play and the family gathers. Understanding a little about what your lawn is doing each season can help direct your lawn maintenance regime throughout the year regardless of how your lawn is used.

Autumn is no exception for lawns and lawn maintenance as it recoveries from the stresses of summer and puts all its energy into strong, healthy growth. It also a time to look forward to winter and the stresses of cold and frost. Follow Seasols easy autumn lawn tips for a healthy, lush, green lawn at https://www.seasol.com.au/home-garden/handy-hints/lawns/autumn-tips-for-lawn-care/